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New Life For An Older Mount

Posted by Walter Hamler 09/07/2013 12:00AM

New Life For An Older Mount

For years I lusted after the Ed Byers products. Then I came across one and now the dream is a reality.....!


Nice Job wih this. I picked up a CGE and rebuilt it early this year its been a great mount and I learned a lot. I hope your mount works out just as well. I've always believed when in comes to machined parts new isn't always better. I've picked old quality on many things and I rarely disapointed.
  • Walter [Walter Hamler]
  • 10/01/2013 06:17AM
Thanks Remi. I concur, there are a lot of older scopes out there that can either be made to work fine or adapted to be better.<br>I just got a chance to use both my mounts under reasonably dark skies and they performed very nicely. The Byers was especially nice once I got a decent polar align. The goto's were almost always in the fov and if not just outside the edge. There is a second alignment configuration that is more accurate but requires multiple star alignments added together. It is really intended for a permanent setup, not really my application.<br>The TAL-2 mount with the encoders worked very nice as well. The push to operation is easy because of the slip clutches and is almost quicker than the Byers at times. Also, don't have to use the laptop :-) I really have issues with those devices!<br><br>Walt

  • klmja79 [Karl Adlon]
  • 10/01/2013 12:25PM
Wow! That looks great!! We have a Byers 58 and have wondered about GOTO. Could you tell us what you obtained from Sidereal Technologies and the Manufacturer / Model of the servo motors? Maybe you could include a few more pictures of the motor mountings? We’d really appreciate it. Congratulations!!<br> --Karl Adlon<br>
  • Walter [Walter Hamler]
  • 10/01/2013 05:17PM
I only bought the smaller servo controller from Sidereal Technology and the wired handpad. The two Pittman motors were from eBay. If you download all the manuals that are available on their website they give very explicit details on the conversion in general terms. Specifics will vary according to the type mount. If you do not have a windows laptop I recommend Amazon. I got a Dell 600 that was refurbished for 100.00 . There is a Yahoo forum site specifically for the SiTech folks and they are very active with help. Send me an email and I will be glad to send pics and further details.<br>Whamler. At.<br><br>Walt

  • Bill G [Bill Geertsen]
  • 03/15/2016 10:55PM
My Byers-58 has been in nearly constant use since bought in 1985. It has only the RA motor running on AC from the house main or a converter.<br><br>I would like to make a similar conversion. I use an Argo Navis and 'push to' the target. I don't need go-to.<br><br>Any suggstions as motors and cables? I can build encoder mounts and already have the Argo Navis.<br><br>Bill G