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Started by stargazer, 02/02/2004 02:25PM
Posted 02/02/2004 02:25PM Opening Post
Don't know if this is the best forum, but I bought and pd for two items from the above company Dec 15th I have saved the pay pal mess. On 1/5 Chad said it would be sent the next day
on 1/15 he said it would be sent the next day, now it is 2/1 and I've sent two e-mail nether have been answered.
Can't seem to leave feed back for him (a good thing huh?)
Can you lend a hand?
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Posted 02/02/2004 02:39PM #1
Dale, you are not the first one to report this kind of problem with their operation/timing issues...
Even though I have NOT purchased from them, this is exactly WHY I haven't.
Several people have already complained about their very-very long delays on shipment, and their lack of communication with their customers... sort'a like "you'll get your item when we get to it" kind'a business...

Sorry to hear about this, i surely hope you'll get what you purchased soon...

Is there any other way to reach them? Phone?


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Posted 02/02/2004 04:41PM #2

I had the same experience about a year ago. Charged my card on Fri, said it would ship on Mon. Emailed, called, sent smoke signals. Gave up. Got it 2 months later. This story has been repeated over and over as far back as 2001. I would avoid EZTelescope. If he would just stop charging everyone before it is shipped, he could save a lot of headaches. The fact that he is still doing this really irritates me. He seems to have enough $$$ to pay Herb, though wink

Clear skies,

Posted 02/03/2004 07:14AM #3
Had the same experience - Promised he would figure out "what happened" several times. Chad was nice enough. I finally asked for my money back (PayPal) after it was aparent that it was either lost in the mail or just never sent (2 months)... He never responded after several e-mails BUT the product did arive a few weeks after my request. My guess is he must have lit a fire under whoever does his mailings....
Posted 02/03/2004 02:32PM #4
Just recieved an email from EZtelescopes. Stated he wasn't at the shop and doesn't know if my item shipped yet. Will email me status, and also stated he needs to change the number on his site.
We'll see if he performs. I'll keep this forum updated.
Posted 02/03/2004 06:06PM #5
Check the archives for ad #191909 (last Spring). This isn't anything new - and things don't seem to be improving despite a long list of excuses for a "temporary" situation.

Posted 05/03/2004 12:56PM #6
I too have had the same type of experience that seems to be a common thread here. I received just enough correspondence to stop me from opening a complaint in Paypal until after 30 days past the transaction date. Now Paypal will do nothing since it is 30 days past the transaction date, but they tell you to work it out with the seller. I ordered from his web site and wish I had checked out this forum first. I have complained to Paypal about their lack of action against this seller, and will surely change how I use Paypal if I do not get a satisfactory response. I do not want them to give me money, but it burns me up if they will not do anything to the seller beyond put a note in his file.

What really burns me up most about this is that it looks as if he has some unique products and I was looking forward to using them.