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JPL decides AstroMart is not worthy of a seat..

Started by AstroMart, 08/21/2012 02:44PM
Posted 08/21/2012 02:44PM Opening Post

... at the media table.

Jane.Platt@JPL.NASA.GOV has told us that S&T is okay Astronomy mag is okay - Space.Com is okay but AstroMart is not worthy of a seat at the media table.

We have provided her with this letter :

Astromart.Com has over 93,000 members - these are paid members with real addresses and phone numbers based on their credit card information and checked by their bank for accuracy.

We have a web site that is focused on astronomy.

We are seeking the same access to JPL/NASA that Space.Com has.

Doug Peterson (email and phone number below ) will be our contact /reporter for JPL events in the Pasadena area.

We request that he be given Telecom update access as described in the phone call initiated to me - Herb York the morning of 8/21/12.

We request that we have access to Press Briefings as laid out for me in the same phone call the morning of 8/21/12 and you will provide Mr.Peterson the requirements for any background check information he will need turn over.

My phone # is 360-588-9000 - I own several web sites one of which is AstroMart.Com
I have other web sites that I have been required to get FBI background checks and provide finger prints and we are authorized to sell class 3 weapons to the military so if you like I can provide you with access to those if you need.

Mr Peterson has been on the JPL facilities. His phone # is edit

I assume these is the requirements you requested in the phone call of 8/21/12 - IF I have missed anything please get back to me promptly and I or Mr Peterson will respond post haste.

Thank you
Herb York
AstroMart LLC

On Aug 7, 2012, at 9:23 PM, Dn wrote:

I used to be Perkin-Elmer's Quality Assurance liason to JPL years ago (Mars Observer Camera, etc.) and know my way around. As for my writing style, see my review of the Celestron 100ED spotter on AM, got me Review of the Week and some cash. Currently live in Santa Ana, a half hour away. Am Sr. Manufacturing Engineer for Newport corporation. See my profile on AM. edit.

Perhaps you would like to email Ms.Platt Jane.Platt@JPL.NASA.GOV and tell her yourself that AstroMart is important to you and we should have a seat at the table

Thank you
Posted 08/21/2012 02:45PM #1
Ms. Platt,

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of JPL back in 1991 as a member of a group of Amateur Radio Operators who were invited to the laboratory for a private tour of the facility. As a member of the astronomy community, I'm surprised by your decision to exclude 93,000+ AstroMart members around the world from detailed on-site real-time reporting on the missions. Reconsideration of your position would amount to a home run for your public relations department.

Posted 08/21/2012 03:33PM #2
Don't charge them $15 next time 8)
Posted 08/22/2012 03:40PM #3
You guys better get with the program or else. We wouldn't want to see anything happen to your pretty new rover, now would we....oops, too late:

Just a demonstration.
Posted 08/25/2012 06:19PM #4