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Not interested in "content" schemes

Started by astrodanco, 08/05/2012 12:52AM
Posted 08/05/2012 12:52AM | Edited 08/05/2012 12:59AM Opening Post
Herb, I'm surprised and a bit disappointed that you're looking to waste money on "content." What a botomless money pit. Content far superior to anything you'll ever be able to afford with your subscribers money is already available on innumerable other websites. In my opinion you will never have the slightest chance of competing with that and will just be wasting your and your subscriber's money if you try. Personally I come here for ONE reason only. To buy and sell astronomy related equipment.

If you honestly want to spend money, please spend it on upgrading the website software to current web standards. That's long overdue.

Also, your planned pricing as you have currently expressed it has the appearance of being bizantine, scheming, punative and petty minded (which is as kindly and generously as I can put it). You'd do far better by just charging a small fee for signup plus a small fee per add placement and leave it at that.

After the year is up, I'll likley continue on as a subscriber, but maybe not as a supporter. I don't wish to support a content boondoggle.
Posted 08/05/2012 06:32AM #1
...and yo mama is ugly, too.
Posted 08/05/2012 07:34AM | Edited 08/05/2012 07:41AM #2
Thank you for your support.

Look "nothing ventured - nothing gained"

If all we produce is crap you can get from the net then I agree it won't work. Most content is so controlled by the advertisers or gov't that I am willing to take a risk on taking the lid off and seeing what is really in there. If it is boring as hell then maybe we will start paying models to stand next to telescopes.


Posted 08/07/2012 04:02AM #3
This site is the best for buying, trying, and selling equipment, no exceptions. I've bought, tried, and sold more than I should have. But where else can you do that and trust the seller like you can on this site. This site has made it possible for me to try several different scopes, many different eyepieces, new, vintage, you name it. It's available, it's fun! I've also been able to connect with other amateur astronomers with years of experience. I've gotten advice from an experienced observer in Kentucky, Florida, Canada, and England. Where else could I have done that? I would have never noticed the site was down if I didn't check it out several times a day, I've always been able to sell or buy whatever I've wanted. This site is awesome, everyone would agree that it is awesome if it was gone, that's why I support it. I think it's a great idea to try to get people to share there opinions and experiences. I know for certain that there are a lot of very knowledgeable and experienced observers out there that should and would like to share there experiences. I've enjoyed hearing there opinions on equipment many times. Please share! I think the change is a great idea. I also like the idea of models posing with telescopes because, even though I'm older, I'm not dead yet.