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I received a "bum" rating

Started by Harry Drutok, 10/16/2006 05:16PM
Posted 10/16/2006 05:16PM Opening Post
Hi Folks,
Is there anything that can be done when receiving an unfair rating? I've been an A'Mart member for several years and have never received unfavorable feedback before.
I haven't sold much lately, but sold a few items before the ratings system was implemented.

I received a 1 star rating from an unrated individual inquiring about my C-14 that was recently posted and sold. I corresponded with him and several others at the same time. I took inquiries on a first come, first served basis. When I asked him if
we had a deal, he responded "in principle" then continued asking more questions. I was VERY CLEAR that I was dealing with others and the first firm offer takes it. Well, I received a firm offer from another individual and took it. I e-mailed him and told him the scope was sold. He sent me an e-mail basically stating I sold the scope out from under him a gave me a 1 star rating. I responded in kind.

I think this rating is unfair and wonder is there anything that can be done.

Posted 10/16/2006 05:47PM #1
> I think this rating is unfair and wonder is there anything that can be done.

Stick around, buy and sell more stuff and let the numbers work it out.
Posted 10/16/2006 06:15PM #2
Suck it up, and move on. I think your response comments
are appropriate and reflect what seems to have happened.
I don't think this will affect your future dealings very much.
Posted 10/16/2006 07:35PM #3
Harry, don't let it get to you..
Just keep that good attitude of yours, and move on... people tend to read the ratings and they will find out what happened with yours... no big deal.

Good luck, and clear skies! 8)

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Posted 10/16/2006 07:42PM #4
Some buyers are very adept at making a non-commital offer to buy, carefully wording their offer in such a way that you the seller feels committed, but the buyer leaves enough ambiguity to back out at his convenience.

When someone gives me a "non-commital" commitment, I answer back something like, "please let me know when you are ready to make a firm commitment. Until then I will sell to the first firm offer."

Meanwhile, don't worry about it. Your comment on your unfair rating is sufficient.

Randy Roy
Posted 10/16/2006 08:06PM #5
Hi Folks,
Thank you. I guess I take things like this too hard.

Posted 10/16/2006 11:50PM #6
No one may rate a person unless a transaction was completed. This is the rule. Therefor you should tell Herb and ask him to remove it.
You can also tell the fellow that you will remove the 1 star rating from him if he will remove the one he placed on you. This can be done by each of you deleting the rating.

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Posted 10/17/2006 08:13AM #7
Thanks for all the help. I wasn't aware a deal had to be completed before a rating was given. I definitely didn't mean to break the rules smile I have deleted the rating given and hope the other individual will follow my lead.

Posted 10/17/2006 08:46PM #8
Hi Folks,
Just to let you know we've settled our differences and all the negative ratings have been deleted. I would like to thank you all for your help.

A'mart is a good thing we have going here!