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BV Equipment

Started by Owen Chin, 09/25/2002 06:38AM
Posted 09/25/2002 06:38AM Opening Post
Hi all,
I have a BW Optic BV for my TMB 100/800. I have both the 2" and 1.25 adapters. I used them with a 2" diagonal and found that the focus travel was insufficient unless I barlowed it with my AP Barcon, which is where I wanted to be for lunar and planetary viewing anyway. When I acquired a 210 Mewlon, I found that the in-focus travel was insufficent in the 2" format, so I just got an Intes 1.25 diagonal to pick up the extra 40mm of travel. For EPs I have sets of the Apogee 7.4-22mm zooms, 17mm Omcon and GTO 25 Plossls. I also just acquired the new Apogee 10mm, 15mm and 20mm 70 degree Widecsans. Now as fate would have it, I'm just waiting for the storms to clear out of the Gulf so I can put all this new untested gear through it's paces. I just hope it all works out!

Thanks Herb for this new forums site!

Regards, Owen
Posted 09/25/2002 10:34AM #1

The storms this time of year are really terrible for viewing though
Remember that on the AP Bacron depending on where you place it in relation to the diagonal and if you use the extension or not will determin the magnigication for you

Have you ever tried the AP binoviewer on this?
Not sure if you want to but if you do and you are at Chiefland walk on by I can loan you mine for a few hours for you to try.