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First light with the Denk Power x Switch

Started by cmilmerstadt, 05/05/2004 07:44PM
Posted 05/05/2004 07:44PM Opening Post
Hi folks,
just thought I would post that I finally had a good night of seeing and I put the Denkmeier Power x Switch to the test on my 17" newtonian. Mine is the single-arm flavor (1.4x and 2.5x mode)

Well, it worked great. I was originally concerned that I might not have enough available in-focus for the Power x Switch, but just the opposite was true. I needed to rack-out another 1/8th inch in low-power mode (1.4x mode). On the 2.5x mode, I racked out another 3/4" in order to reach focus. I am thinking of moving my primary back another 1/2 in order to achieve a wider full-field of illumination on low power (my secondary is slightly undersized in my estimation... not a function of the binoviewer as it is of my faulty calculations when I was building my scope.

I also recomend that anyone who doesn't have a high quality crayford focuser should go out and purchase one ASAP. I am really able to appreciate the fine threaded focus of the Denk diopter adjusters now that I can critically focus the initial view with my new focuser (Moonlite CR-1 crayford focuser).

I must say it is quite a pleasure switching from low to high power without changing eyepieces or, for that matter, OCS parts. You can really choose the best magnification for your object (in my case jupiter) now that you can quickly toggle back and forth between magnifications.

So I suppose it is a double-endorsement... get yourself a top shelf focuser, and a top shelf Power x Switch!!

Clear skies!
Chris Milmerstadt

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Posted 05/05/2004 07:59PM #1
Gorgeous scope, Chris!

I heartily second your Crayford endorsement. I recently installed a JMI DX2 on my 8" f/4 Newt and the fine focus capability and lack of hysteresis or image shift when carrying heavy loads is a huge improvement over the R&P.

The second part of your recommendation will have to wait until I resolve my Denk II issues. Russ was nice enough to take it back and check it out himself on a similar scope.

Enjoy, Milt
Posted 05/06/2004 06:56AM #2
Beautiful rig Chris!

It is nice to read a report from somebody that has used the Power X Switch. It has been clouds and/or rain since I got mine. Maybe this weekend....

Pat Gillies