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12 Volt Battery Supply

Started by awells, 07/23/2003 08:33AM
Posted 07/23/2003 08:33AM Opening Post
I am interested in running my 12" LX200 GPS from a commercially available rechargable 12 volt battery setup rather than using the internal C batteries. I called Meade to see if I needed anything other than their #607 power cord to make this work. I was told that they could not recommend that I use that kind of power source.

Now I don't necessarily understand all this electrical, but how would this setup differ from using the adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter in a car. Could using an external 12 volt battery supply damage the electronic of the scope? Would using this setup void the warrenty? Has anyone had any expierence with this type of setup?

Can rechargable batteries be used in the LX200 GPS? It's not mentioned anywhere in the manual.

Posted 07/23/2003 09:10AM #1
Lots of us are using the yellow 12VDC jump-start batteries or bricks to power our scopes, recommended or not. Just make sure to use a battery with protective breaker/fuse, a fused power cord, and test for correct plug polarity before using it on the LX200 GPS. Meade has been known to solder up things backwards. (Thank Meade for getting rid of the 18V design for older LX200.)

To be fair, Meade can't test every variety of commercial battery combo, but can be reasonably sure of automotive standards for the cigarette lighter or convenience sockets.