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Any Optical Engineers out there?

Started by 2dogs7, 03/05/2003 06:05AM
Posted 03/05/2003 06:05AM Opening Post
Hello. I am a degreed engineer (Purdue University) and have an understanding, though limited in terms of a optical designer) of optical systems. I have read some fantastic thesis on baffling, difraction and dispersion theory. However, It would very nice if a knowledgable optical engineer/designer would be able to spare some time and enlighten us with some basic knowledge (probably staying within the realm of ray optics). I personally would like to see some APO theory and definations. Difraction limited defined. And principal theory of optimumzation of an eyepiece to a given objective system. Thanks in advance, Tim
Posted 03/05/2003 04:43PM #1
I would recommend reading _Telescope Optics Evaluation and Design_ by Harie Rutten and Martin van Venrooij. This book covers the basics very well.
Posted 03/05/2003 07:45PM #2

I am currently reading Jeff's book recommendation "Telescope Optics" and it covers in good detail most of the subject you asked about.

Highly recommended reading. If you can't find a used one here on astromart, it can be bought directly through
Willman-Bell publishing. That's how I got mine.