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Barlow poll

Started by 2dogs7, 01/24/2003 10:16PM
Posted 01/24/2003 10:16PM Opening Post
I have used several barlows over the years and I have never been completly happy with any of them. Is this just me, my equipment, or do any of you feel similar. What do you think is the best barlow? Thanks in advance, Tim
Posted 01/25/2003 01:01AM #1
I've probably spent more than a hundred hours comparing views with and without Barlows (at the same magnification) and really don't feel the same as you about it. In the 1.25" barrel size my vote goes to the 2x Tele Vue among all those 2x Barlows I know of that are in current production. The 2.5x Powermate has its advantages, and I've heard the Tele Vue 3x is good, too. I don't use 2" Barlows because they protrude into the light paths in my 7" and 10" Newts, each with low-profile focusers. Nevertheless, the Tele Vue 2x Big Barlow is a good one I've tried, and the 1.8x (I think) AP Barcon is also highly regarded. I haven't tried either of the 2" Powermates.
Posted 01/25/2003 06:53AM #2
I really like the Tele Vue 1.8x Barlow. It is NLA but can be found on the used market. I also like my older Vixen/Celestron "silvertop" 2x barlow. It is very short and well made. I use them all the time. I find them very useful for trying to ink out as much magnification as the atmosphere will allow.
Posted 01/25/2003 07:13AM #3

I have a full complement of Radians for my 8" SCT and use both the TV 2x barlow and 2.5x PowerMate for spliting difficult doubles. Depending on the night, either will be more of less effective than the other. I've not tried to calibrate conditions versus relative performance.

Posted 01/25/2003 04:44PM #4
It might be your equipment. I got quite negative on barlows when all I used them with was a 3" refractor, a 4" refractor and an ETX125 (I have a Celestron Ultima). The image seemed to take a significant brightness hit...and appeared to lose contrast as well. Never saw any chromatic problems though. Got so I used the barlow only for splitting doubles.

Finally got around to trying it with my C9.25 and had no problem with it. If there was a loss of brightness or contrast, it wasn't noticeable.

I'm relying on memory however. Due to lousy weather in central NY, I haven't had a decent observing session since October. Hope to get a clear night before the planets disappear.
Bob Young

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Posted 01/26/2003 05:35AM #5
The Tele Vue Powermate but it's not a Barlow lens. :-)

Dave Mitsky

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