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Best 2" O-III Filter?

Started by dwalton, 06/16/2005 06:43PM
Posted 06/16/2005 06:43PM Opening Post
Previous posts didn't leave me with conclusive information. I'm wondering if anyone has reached a strong opinion about the Televue O-III versus the current Lumicon O-III. Assume a good dob in the 12"-16" range.

Posted 06/16/2005 08:14PM #1
From what I have read, my money is on Astronomik. Check them out. I am will be getting one shortly.
Posted 06/16/2005 08:18PM #2
There's a brief thread on this subject here:
Posted 06/17/2005 03:29AM | Edited 06/17/2005 03:31AM #3
A thread starting with message 273493 had a bit of discussion on this topic.

This was also discussed in a thread beginning with message 157453.

Gary Weber
Posted 06/17/2005 04:42AM #4
Hi Doug

I also found the Astronomik better than the Lumicon. The stars just seemed sharper.