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Best Wide Field Eyepiece

Started by astroboy314, 12/10/2002 08:46PM
Posted 12/10/2002 08:46PM Opening Post
I have an f/10 C8 and want to get a wide field eyepiece, within a reasonable price range. I know the 35mm Panoptic is great but it's a bit too rich for my blood. Anyone have any info regarding either the Meade 56mm Super Plossl or the TeleVue 55mm Plossl (or any other good reasonably priced wide fielder)? Thanks again.
Posted 12/10/2002 10:11PM #1
The best wide field eyepiece in my C8 is the relatively inexpensive Apogee 30mm Widescan. I've seen some criticism of this eyepiece at other sites, but as far as I'm concerned it is the perfect eyepiece for the C8 for delivering the "porthole into space" effect. The overall sensation is the same as that which I get when I use my 14mm Meade Ultrawide in my 14.5" dob.

It does have some edge distortion, though not as severe as in my 40mm Konig. So don't think of getting it if you can't stand any sort of edge distortion at the extreme periphery of your vision.
Posted 12/11/2002 08:56AM #2
David, not sure of what you have already as eyepieces...

You could try the University Optics 40mm MK-70, which is a great eyepiece, wide fields, low mags... just make sure you have a 2" diagonal. (this eyepiece is big & heavy)

Also, you can try an SCT reducer/corrector (like Meade or Celestron f/6.3) which works great for wider FOV's.

Clear skies! & good luck!


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Posted 12/11/2002 04:35PM #3
Hi David,

This reply is a bit late in the string, but I have gone down this path, too. My current bullpen of EPs for my f/10 Nexstar 8 is: TV 55mm Plossl, TV 40mm Plossl, TV 35mm Panoptic, Apogee 30mm Widescan, TV 26mm Nagler T5, TV 22mm Panoptic, TV 17mm Nagler T4, TV 13mm Nagler T6, TV 9mm Nagler T6, 2" TV Big Barlow. I have shorter F.L. EPs, but 9mm is about the limit for the N8.

Before acquiring all of these, I had a Celestron f/6.3 reducer/corrector, and used a Celestron Ultima 35mm EP for widefield views. This EP gives one of the largest FOVs for a 1.25" EP. I loved it. The 35mm has very long E.R., but a simple EP cup from Orion solves the problem of eye placement.

In reality, however, the 2" EP is the way to go. I have since sold my 35mm Ultima and f6.3 r/c. The problem with the r/c approach is that you need to remove it for higher power viewing. This is not convenient since it screws on the visual back. You can get a Celestron 2" SCT mirror diagonal for not much money, and having it opens up a new "vista" for you.

My personal EP favorites for this scope are the TV 55mm Plossl, Apogee 30mm Widescan, and the TV 26mm Nagler T5. I do not use the 40mm Plossl or 35mm Panoptic very much with the N8. For best FOV the TV 55mm Plossl is hard to beat at the price. Used ones are always for sale on A-mart at a reduced price.

John R.
Posted 12/14/2002 09:48AM #4
I find that it's really hard to get decent wide field views with the f/10 scopes. I have a C-9 1/4 and with a 55mm TeleVue plossol I get 43x and a 1.16 deg. true field. That's ok, but for real wide field/low power views a 17mm Nagler in my 4" Borg f/6.4 gives 37x and a 2.2 deg. true field - double the true field of the C-9 1/4 - and a very pleasing rich field view.
You could probably mount an inexpensive 80mm f/5 scope on your C-8 and using an inexpensive eyepiece, for example, a Borg 22mm widefield (70 deg. apparent field) you'll get 18x and a 3.88 deg. true field -- a real rich field view at a very reasonable price. They views with a 80mm are not as good as a 100mm (duh!) but the price is right and you don't need another mount.