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C9.25 on the LXD55

Started by tomdisco, 06/22/2003 06:48PM
Posted 06/22/2003 06:48PM Opening Post
Will a C9.25 dovetail fit comfortably in the LXD55 mount or is it a tight fit? I ask this because another poster said that Meade dovetails are a few millimeters narrower than other brands, which causes slop when placed in other mounts. This would suggest that the dovetail receptacle on the LXD55 may also be a few millimeters narrower than other brands. Anybody know? Anyone using a C9.25 on the LXD55?
Posted 06/22/2003 07:35PM #1
The widest part of the Lxd 55 mount is more than 1.8". I had Ken from Kens rings make a dovetail bar for my old orange tube C8, he milled it 1.8" and it fits with plenty of room. I hear the LXD 55 and Vixen GP/Celestron CG-5 are exactly the same, hope this helps, Vince.
Posted 06/22/2003 07:57PM #2
The stock C9.25 extruded dovetail bar fits fine on the LXD55 saddle. The bar won't lock into the saddle like a Vixen or Synta plate, but my C9.25 hasn't slipped yet.