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How about best high power EP with 8" Dob?

Started by darkhop, 10/23/2002 09:04AM
Posted 10/23/2002 09:04AM Opening Post
My XT8 is what I'm stuck with until I quit buying defective lottery tickets. So far I haven't had the chance to try a high power ep in it, so before I go for a 2.8 or 3mm first of all let me ask if this is reasonable. I would think you could crank it up with aperture like that but you never know...

If I can use these things the next thing I'd be curious about is the amount of room I'd have to work with in regard to holding a digital camera up to it. I got a 4.8mm T1 Nag from astromart but the little pinhole is not quite enough.

(I'm a confirmed luna-tic and want to get as close in as possible for moon shots.)
Posted 10/23/2002 09:13AM #1
I have a 8" SkyWatcher dob. A great scope for the money! Virtually identical to the XT8. I have had little luck with anything shorter than the 6mm area. Have tried UO 6mm ortho and it can manage that. When I dip below that to a 5 or a 4 it's pretty much wasted time. I also tried a 6 Radian, but it will not work in my scope-barrel it too long.
I think you would be wasting time and money if you buy for mags higher than around 200.
Good luck,
Posted 10/23/2002 10:43AM #2
Hey Mr. luna-tic I own an XT-8. I throw 400X at it and it holds well. In order to use my digital camera though I can only use a 15mm or below. Like you the reason is to small an exit pupil. I have used the 5.2 Orion Lanthanum with success as it has a large lens and big eye relief. You have to get close and shoot the pic fast. The rubber eye cup is a perfect distance from the lens. I do not think you can use a 2.8 or 3mm. Image breakdown is fast. And a Dob is to hard to guide. At that magnifacation the image will be out of sight before you can line up for the shot. For your camera I believe you will need EP's with large exit pupils in order to line up quickly. They do sell holders for digitals that will help alot.