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Lx200 gps maintenance (gps module)

Started by lx2005, 04/23/2019 04:06PM
Posted 04/23/2019 04:06PM | Edited 04/23/2019 04:08PM Opening Post

looking for people very savvy about taking apart the lx200gps unit.

I have a 10in lx200gps model. I believe the module may need replaced. ( not sure just yet, I need to try/look at a couple of more things first)

anyhow, I am looking for detailed instructions on how to remove the fork arm cover so I can replace the gps module
if need be.

I looked on youtube. there was a few on the removal to adj/replace dec. gears or drive or something.

but no information or video on the replacement of the gps module

if someone here has replaced the module, could you please send me info of how your replaced it?

please reply to this thread or send me a pm.

thank you!
Posted 06/24/2019 03:23AM #1
   Before you replace look into the Satellite Week Number Roll Over "bug" ( WNRO ). This causes the date to be incorrect as of April 6 2019 or there about. Current work around is to turn off the GPS in the setup or Utilities menu and enter both the time and the date manually until there is an update.