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Made a difference

Started by Harry Drutok, 05/01/2005 11:55AM
Posted 05/01/2005 11:55AM Opening Post
Hi Folks,
Recently, I've bought two items that have made a big difference...JMI wheely bars and WO 2 inch diagonal.

I own a C-14/G11. Loading and unloading that 40+ pound OTA off the G-11 can be quite a chore. With the JMI wheely bars I simply roll the setup out of my shed and am ready in seconds. Literally seconds. Great for my old back! I find I use the scope more often now.

The WO diagonal is great! If you own an SCT do not waste anymore time with the standard supplied diagonal. There is a slight difference on the planets, but a major difference on dim DSOs. M-51 was easier to see with the WO diagonal. Well worth the money!

How about you? What have you bought that enhaced optics, transportability, or spousal appreciation?


Posted 05/01/2005 12:43PM #1
I agree on the wheelie bars. I use my scope much more now. I also have never ever considered selling my starbound chair.

Clear skies,