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Material for a blind

Started by Buck8one2, 12/23/2006 07:50AM
Posted 12/23/2006 07:50AM Opening Post
This might be a bit OT but I ran into a problem with my current project. I've made a blind to block a neighbors yard light out of 1" S40 PVC pipe. I went to cover it with a thick black plastic sheeting and found out I don't have a tape in the house that will stick to this stuff, I tried masking tape, painters tape, duct tape, packaging tape, scotch tape, Alum. backed vent tape, even 3M 77 spray adhesive. I could go to the automotive stores and get some stuff my father called gorilla snot, not sure who makes it but it usually sticks to anything, but its gawd awful to work with. Any other ideas?
For any of you folks that have made such blinds, what did you use for the blocking material? It needs to hold up to the weather because it will stay outside all the time.

Project on hold

Posted 12/23/2006 09:43AM #1
Hello Buck,If you're just putting it on from one pvc pipe to the other ,why not just use small screws with washers.When you want to take down your blind just roll it up till the next time you assemble it.Just use one piece of plastic to two pvc pipes.Or get a different type plastic or tarp.Not seeing your design I am just picturing a square toppless box. I need to do this on one side of my yard because of the neighbors pole light.You could read the newspaper in my yard.Good luck,Darrell
Posted 12/23/2006 01:07PM #2
If you don't want to try the screws and washers that the others mentioned, here's two other otions:
1. Wrap the ends of the tarp into a tube and sew them (helps to have an understanding wife with a sewing machine). Just slip the PVC through the tubes when you assemble the frames.
2. Double the ends of the tarp over and put a brass grommet every 8"-12" and tie the tarp to the frame.
BTW, I doubt that putting a #6 screw into 1" PVC every 12" is going to substantially degrade the strength of the PVC.

Posted 12/23/2006 08:00PM | Edited 12/24/2006 01:48AM #3
I've used PVC pipe sch. 40 pipe (1-4") at work for years. Don't worry about putting in the screws every foot or so. Shouldn't be a problem. The plastic sheet will rip before the pipe breaks (Unless it's cold. like most plastic PVC gets kind of brittle in the 30's.)

If you're married to the 20 mil plastic idea you could try roughing up the edges with @100 grit sandpaper to give the glue something less smooth to grip. Another idea would be to try to find something you can use as a clamp (maybe the clips they sell for picnic table tableclothes or a reformed pipe hanger-problem is they'd probably rip the 20 mil plastic), Personally, I'd go with the tarp.

Grommets & screws are the way to go with a tarp. For the minor increase in cost, it'll save you a lot of effort trying to find something that will work with the plastic sheeting.

I use this method to hold down my pool cover which catches the wind. It's an above ground pools with a deck built around it over the top rail and the wind comes under the deck. Has held in 50 MPH gusts with no problem. Your supports will fall over before the tarp gives way.

Have to replace the tarp every 3-4 years because UV damage weakens the nylon, but this shouldn't be an issue for you.