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orion 100mm ed

Started by cysmarc, 02/01/2006 05:17PM
Posted 02/01/2006 05:17PM | Edited 02/01/2006 05:18PM Opening Post
Can anyone tell me how the Orion 100 mm ed does on dso's? I know it's great on planets but will galaxian structure be visible? I know it won't look like the pictures but in the etx 105 galaxies, even Andromeda, looked like fuzz balls.
I know that the etx is collimated well and that the optics are 1/8 wave as it was supercharged by Dr. Clay
Posted 02/01/2006 05:29PM | Edited 02/01/2006 05:32PM #1
Itz, IMHO most galaxies ARE fuzzballs... until you go into DARK SKIES & LARGE optics...
The 100ED won't be much different than the ETX105 in that respect... as you'll have a wider field of view, but it still will be a 4" scope... 8)
(we must keep our expectations accordingly...)

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