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orion 120mm svp(f8.3) vs orion100mm ed

Started by cysmarc, 02/11/2006 03:38PM
Posted 02/11/2006 03:38PM | Edited 02/11/2006 08:00PM Opening Post
Has anyone looked through both the 100mm ed from orion and the 120 mm achromat from orion? Could you compare the two on bright objects. Also has anyone looked through the 120mm with a violet filter? If yes, how much does it improve the view. Can't afford the apo now that the etx is no longer for sale, but is it worth saving for or is the 120mm achro with a violet filter pretty close?
Posted 02/11/2006 07:39PM | Edited 02/11/2006 07:40PM #1
The 100ED is worth saving & waiting for... IMHO that would be the way to go...

I've looked through several achromats... and they they all show False Color... some more, some less, but they all do... (on bright objects)
The Minus Violet filter will help a bit, but it will NEVER give you APO performance...

If you can wait & save, get the 100ED, if not, then you have already made your choice... 8)

Clear skies! and good luck!

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