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Re: I may have been ripped off, what I do now?

Started by astromart55, 02/05/2004 02:11PM
Posted 02/05/2004 02:11PM Opening Post
I only use Postal Money Orders for these things when I don't use PayPal. If you get stiffed, it becomes a Federal Crime. Having a US Postal Inspector or FBI agent knocking on his door will get his attention in a hurry.

Don Wyman

Don Wyman
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Posted 02/05/2004 02:22PM #1

First hope all goes well for you in the end here, and congrads on a new child
Second you had stated he is close to Chiefland? are you in FL? Also Cubans? Maybe we can talk on the side???? I am serious about that one though.

I would though contact Herb about this if you have not already done so. Also I did not see or maybe I missed it what kind of funds did you send him? Maybe something is happening with him and he is not trying to rip you off just having a bad few weeks? Has he done many transactions on Amart and how is his past ratings? I would send him a certified letter to him asking for money or the scope, and if you have a laywer friend CC him/her in on it. Just might be the little jolt they need

Hope all works out for you
And seriously Cubans?