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Started by bill webster, 01/22/2003 06:12PM
Posted 01/22/2003 06:12PM Opening Post
I do a lot of show and tell for local elem schools. Normally I just set up a scope in the parking lot and show the kids saturn jupiter and the moon. But when it's cloudy or raining I would like to show the kids a slide show along with my little talk. Where can I buy slides of the different solar system objects?
Any ideas?
Bill W.
Posted 01/22/2003 06:27PM #1
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has a 25 slide solar system set for $35 (AS 420). Their website is

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Posted 01/22/2003 07:14PM #2
If you go to astronomy-mall, they have a listing for "AstroCards". He has an assortment of slide sets. Very nice and I think a little less expensive than many other dealers. I've purchased sets from them and am really satisfied (I teach middle school). Give it a try! His email is
Good luck,