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What will replace this controller?

Started by Grumpy_one, 10/15/2003 02:14PM
Posted 10/15/2003 02:14PM Opening Post
I got this controller and motor in a generic box. The controller doen't work, but I bought it that way. As far as I know it is a Sky-watcher. I would like to know what controller will replace this one, and where can I get the dec motor for it. This is for the Vixen SP or CG-5. Thanks

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Posted 10/15/2003 05:00PM #1
Hi Dave -

That is a CG-5 controller. Also sold by Orion, Konus, Skywatcher, etc...

Posted 10/15/2003 05:06PM #2
It also looks identical to my CG4/EQ3 dual axis controller. I purchased my drives from Orion. Orion also uses that controller for thier True Track drive system. I'd give them a call and see if they have any returns or parts available.

Hope this helps, Bob

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