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Where can I get a corrector Plate?

Started by bill webster, 11/04/2004 05:59PM
Posted 11/04/2004 05:59PM Opening Post
I just saved a very old and very abused C8 from the scrape heap. The Corrector plate is smashed in to two pieces. I have the wedge, fork arms and the OTA. The OTA had a large dent on one side. I have manged to pound out the dent. It may not look like much but if I can get a corrector plate I'll only need a tripod and I will have a complete scope.
So where can I buy a corrector plate?
Posted 11/04/2004 07:27PM #1
Good luck. You'll probably have to send it back to Celestron.

Don W

Don Wyman
Obsession #1166 18" f/4.5
with Argo Navis and ServoCat
WO Megrez 90 APO
Coronado PST
Posted 11/05/2004 10:40AM #2
What model is it?
Is the primary intact and still seated on its mount?
Is the secondary and its holder ok?
There have been some correctors that were bought from Celestron at one of the CA star parties that have been offered here and other sites. If the mirror needs recoating or is off the mount, I recommend contacting Celestron. From experience (I completely stripped and rebuilt #458) it is tricky to get the optics realigned. My corrector cracked (still in one piece) but I did pick up another corrector just to play with once I get my primary optics fully aligned. I can lookup where I got it and give you an email address in a PM to see if the guy has any more available.
As Celestron evidently adjusted the secondary as needed for the optics, and the Correctors were mass produced, you may get lucky with one obtained third party, but keep in mind that these third party ones either came off an older scope being refurbed, or were optics that most likely had a problem.
Brian Risley
Posted 11/09/2004 08:06AM #3
There is a gentleman in California (lives near the Celestron factory) that seems to happen upon C8 correctors occassionally. I'll send you his info. if I can find it. Keep in mind that you won't have a matched optical system, however if you play with the relative rotation of the optical components you may be able to negate most of the spherical aberation present in the optics and end up with a scope that gives nice images. Worth a shot anyway!

Best regards,