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Why so many AT1010's for sale?

Started by Grumpy_one, 12/10/2003 12:52PM
Posted 12/10/2003 12:52PM Opening Post
What is replacing them? I thought this would be easier than asking each one. Thanks
Posted 12/10/2003 01:07PM #1
Only guessing .... Orion ED-80!
Posted 12/10/2003 02:52PM #2
I'm aware of a number of AT1010s that have been sold recently (including at least one of those currently listed on A-mart) because the owners have moved up to a Stellarvue apo, either 80mm, 85mm, or 102mm, or just to a larger scope. 80mm is only 80mm, after all, whether it's an apo or achro, and a lot of people just want more aperture. I wouldn't try to read too much into the fact that there are a few AT1010s for sale, at least not assuming they are trading for the Orion 80ED.

Posted 12/10/2003 03:04PM #3
I replaced mine with a Stellarvue 85S APO. Outstanding scope!


Randy Roy
Posted 12/11/2003 05:45AM #4
Thanks to all that responded, it confirmed my assumption.
Posted 12/11/2003 08:25AM #5
I'm going to be selling mine because I moved up to a 4" APO.

The AT1010's are great small scopes though.
Posted 12/11/2003 06:29PM #6
Unfortunately the AT1010 and similiar scopes are now overpriced considering you can now get a good Orion 80 APO for ~$430.
Bill A.