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Started by bobblack, 05/16/2007 12:03PM
Posted 05/16/2007 12:03PM Opening Post
I am writing this partly to ask for help and partly to warn others "BE CAREFUL"
On April 8th/07, I purchased $400.00 worth of eyepieces on this site 'astromart'
and still have not received the goods. The seller acknowledges receipt of payment and the bank confirms that the money order was cashed.
I have notified astromart and no response. I have gone to my local Canadian police and they say there is nothing they can do because it occurred out of country. I then phoned the Alsip Illinois police where the seller lives and they say there is nothing they can do.
Can you believe this >>>> Who says crime doesn't pay!!!!! Who knows how many people have bought the same merchandise?
I am a canadian stuck between two countries who both seem to want to pass the buck.
I would sure like to put the persons name up here but I might get in trouble. What I can do is tell you that he resides in Alsip Illinois. Ad #493311
If anyone has an idea how I can have this person charged I would like to hear from you, sincerely, Bob Black
Posted 05/16/2007 12:10PM | Edited 05/16/2007 12:11PM #1
I'm really sorry to hear this Robert... sad
The Ad seems to be gone... could you contact me out of the Forums, on a PM, and let me know WHO is this person? (he/she might have deleted his/her account, or maybe Herb took care of it)

Thank you, and I surely hope this issue will get fixed soon... and to your satisfaction.


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Posted 05/16/2007 12:23PM #2
Hi Robert,
First thing, sorry about the problem you are experiencing.
Did the fellow say he shipped the EPs? If so, when? I have had some experience with shipping things to Canada and there can be long delays in customs. 6 weeks or more can be fairly normal there.
What has the seller had to say about all of this?

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Posted 05/16/2007 02:07PM #3
Most likely it is stuck in customs somewhere.
We go through this every couple months with
international transactions. The seller
probably waited the recommended 3 - 4 weeks
on international checks before shipping.
Customs takes another 3 - 4 weeks, and there
you are. I'd give him until early June.

I will also guess the seller decided to stop
responding to e-mails once the accusations
started to fly.

Posted 05/16/2007 02:27PM | Edited 05/16/2007 03:01PM #4
Does he have an established history and good ratings on Astromart?
Has he made a number of intelligent posts on the Astromart Forums?
Does a Google search turn up any references to his being in any astronomy clubs or equipment forums?

These might indicate something about his character. On the whole, I've found most real astronomers and true Astromarters, although subject to being quirky (myself included), are generally honest to a fault. True frauds usually stand out and are short lived on this site.

Have you tried sending him Astromart Personal Messages, in case his email is down or his spam protection has become too agressive?

Was he to ship USPS, FedEx, UPS, or other? I've found USPS Airmail to be best to Canada, anything else could take quite a while.

I hope he turns out to be a straight up guy and you get your eyepieces.

In the mean time, I think you are doing right in being cautious with his name (and reputation), until fraud is established.
Please keep us informed.
Steven Jindra
Posted 05/17/2007 07:36AM #5
Why would anyone pull their ad after a sale? Is this common?
Posted 05/17/2007 01:47PM #6
Hello to all, I am happy to report this message and end all speculation.
A fine gentleman from the Alsip police department went to see the person who I was reporting to you about.
The police officer went on his own time so anyone who has the time I would appreciate a letter to the Alsip police praising him.
The so called perpetrator when confronted by the officer stated that he was so busy that he had completely forgot to mail the pieces. How about that????
For those of you who are interested I will post back here if I receive the eyepieces.
Thankyou all for caring and especially Jim who really went out of his way to help. Sincerely, bob black