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Started by Needtoys, 06/23/2006 04:46PM
Posted 06/23/2006 04:46PM | Edited 06/23/2006 04:50PM Opening Post
Finally got the siding on. It's steel roofing form the Home Depot and I was surprised how inexpensive it is. It was $2.50 a linear ft. It's ironic that I used wall material on the dome and roofing on the sides. wink
And for the wise guys... No, it's a temporary tarp due to rain. Not a roll off roof! smile
I couldn't find a door that I wanted to cut down so I'm building my own prehung.

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Posted 06/23/2006 05:15PM | Edited 06/23/2006 05:16PM #1
Hi Bob
I like the round base unit that you built. While having a square base, allows for some extra interior room, the corners have to be sloped in order to prevent rain/snow from accumulating.
As for the wise guys... 8)
Posted 06/24/2006 09:02AM | Edited 06/24/2006 09:02AM #2
Looks good Bob! winkI made my own door also. I used door skins fron home depot and shaped the framework of the door with an electric door planer. it turned out pretty good! 8)

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