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Hercules Alt-Az mount

Started by Tom Dove, 10/20/2004 12:38PM
Posted 10/20/2004 12:38PM Opening Post
Can anybody here advise me about the Hercules Alt-Az mount from Helix? This is it:

I now use an Orion Skyview Deluxe equatorial mount (like an EQ-3) for my 127mm Mak and 100mm f/6 achromat, and it's adequate, but a lighter Alt-Az would be nice to have if it had similar stability. If the Hercules mount is good, could it or something like the Unistar be attached to the aluminum tripod that now carries the Skyview Deluxe equatorial mount? If not, what Bogen tripod would be appropriate? If I need to buy a tripod, I'd like it to be usable for terrestrial photography, as well.

-- Tom
Posted 10/20/2004 08:35PM #1
Hi Tom,

Try Universal Astronomics web site: Or go to UA makes a nice Alt/Az mount that is very light at about two lbs. and has a capacity of about 10lbs. Also the Heavy Duty Deluxe which I have will support 30 lbs. and you can use a longer refractor because of its design.

I had the SkyView Pro and sold it when my Wood Surveyor Tripod came with my HD Dlx Mount came in. The combination is very light and easy to move around and the legs fold up completely.

You can also just buy the mount and Larry at UA will fix you up with a mounting plate that should fit your current tripod it you wish to go that route.


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Posted 10/26/2004 06:51AM #2

I used my Unistar Light on the Skyview Deluxe tripod for a while. Larry at UA provided an adapter when I bought the mount. You could easily accomplish the same thing with a couple of large fender washers and a 3/8 x 16 bolt of suitable length, though.

I eventually replaced the SVD tripod with a Bogen tripod because I liked the elevating center post of the photo tripod, which makes viewing at or near zenith much more enjoyable. If you go with a Bogen tripod, get at least a 3036 or 3046 (Manfrotto equiv 075 and 028), or better yet a Bogen 3068. I'm not sure of the Manfrotto equivalent of the 3068 is, but I think it's 117x. All have 3/8 x 16 studs at their hub for attachment of whatever mount you decide on.