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Buying a Mirror Cell

Started by bill webster, 09/15/2005 04:42AM
Posted 09/15/2005 04:42AM Opening Post
I am rebuilding a 20" techtron and would like to replace the wooden mirror cell with a better one. I like the design that Starmaster and Nightsky uses. Also I have had a Starsplitter that used a sling design. Where can I buy a ready made mirror cell like these? Starmaster & Nightsky say they don't sell parts. And I haven't heard back from Starsplitter yet.

Bill Webster
Wendell, NC
Posted 09/15/2005 08:19AM #1
Hi Bill
Try these guys:
MC telescopes are pleasant to deal with (there cells use a sling support and are different in design from the starmasters (more like the Obsession)
Starstructure uses really nice cells too, but I am not sure if they will just sell a cell (worth a try though)
good luck