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Flockling Problem

Started by eyork, 08/13/2004 08:50PM
Posted 08/13/2004 08:50PM Opening Post
I flocked my tube today (where else could I say this and not get slapped).

I used protostar flocking paper. It sticks great to itself and to me, but doesn't stick very well to the tube. Protostar recommends cutting in long stips (about 1-2") and running the length of the tube. It's these long seams that keep rolling up.

I pressed, I rubbed, I ran in a tool with a smooth, curved edge & rubbed it around, I used a rolling pin. Still keeps pulling up. I said a little prayer. I cursed a bit. I even did a little rain dance - couldn't hurt and it burned off some of that frustration energy.

What else should I try?

The good news, it's hard to see down the tube to work because this stuff just soaks up the light. You almost have to aim the tube directly at a light source.

Posted 08/13/2004 09:12PM #1
What is the tube made of? Can the strips you applied be removed?
You may just have to start over.
I didn't trust the peel and stick adhesive by itself when I flocked my tube and added a coat of 3M Scotch 77 spray adhesive. The stuff works great and is available in most hardware stores.
If the flocking can be removed, respray it with 77 spray and reapply in the tube.

Good luck, Bob

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Posted 08/14/2004 06:49AM #2
Typically the flocking will stick to almost anything, even you as you have mentioned. So the problem must be the tube. By chance did you forget to remove the wax lining in a sonotube or quick tube????