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Is this the right place for UFOs

Started by Startest, 09/27/2006 05:11AM
Posted 09/27/2006 05:11AM Opening Post
Maybe this is not the place to discuss UFOs, but it sure seams to have sparked some interest :-) So for those of you who think this is the wrong place for this I apologize. And for those who seem to be enjoying this keep on smiling :-)
Posted 09/27/2006 06:29AM | Edited 09/27/2006 07:42AM #1
Whether one believes in extraterrestrials or not, the only way anything will ever be known for sure is through open dialogue.

Extinguishing the debate does nothing to advance our knowledge. A UFO is simply a flying object that is unidentified. They are in the sky. Astronomers look to the sky for many reasons, not the least of which are clues about life. It isn't all about imaging M42 for the millionth time.

No proof that alien life exists, does not equate to proof it doesn't exist. So why not discuss it? If not in an astronomy forum, then where? Science is actively pursuing signs of life elsewhere in the universe. For some reason there are still those who feel that life elsewhere (and time/space travel in general) must always mean little green men in spaceships.

The universe is enormous and we haven't even begun to turn the first page in our discovery of all there is. To quote a character in the movie 'Contact', "...I'd say if it's just us...seems like an awful waste of space."

A closed mind is an awful waste of space as well.
Posted 09/27/2006 09:08AM #2
God created this awe inspiring universe...Wow, all those galaxies, nebulae and star clusters we are so fond of looking at and imaging.

And we are the pinnacle of His creation? That is kind of deflating news. I don't know about you, but I kind of expected more. For some reason, some fat guy drinking a beer in his underwear while watching reality TV is not my idea of intelligent life.

In all the billions of years the best any life form could do is get to the moon? Someone in God's Quality Control department should have been fired.
Posted 09/27/2006 11:47AM #3
And while we're at it, lets bring back the celestrial liver readings.

I know from personal experience that my gut reacts to the sight of stars!
(I just ask to be deceased from natural causes before my own reading...)