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Unexpected Blessing..

Started by 2dogs7, 08/07/2003 12:52PM
Posted 08/07/2003 12:52PM Opening Post
Here in central Indiana, this has been the worst year in memorable history as far as having conditions that permit any actual viewing ability. It is getting discouraging. The last two nights we have had a thick fog layer covering the sky. This has been similar to a marine layer you would see in southern California. As I could see Mars peeking dimly through I set up my scope anyway. I was using no filters most of the time as there was not enough light breaking through. The unexpected blessing has been that as the fog layer transisitioned between thicker and thinner it was having the effect at the eyepiece of a changing polarization. This allowed me to see far more detail than I have ever witnessed before. It actually was incredible (not that Mars being this close to Earth had anything to do with it). smile

Maybe I will play around with a new type of filter system..

Thanks for looking!
Posted 08/07/2003 01:43PM #1
Yes it does make a difference. Here in Fresno, CA we have fog most of the winter months. When its thin it will create a very nice filter. When fog is present, it is normally a sign of very still air. A new type of filter in the fog range might have an application. Maybe I could can some fog, add glass and presto, instant millions. Not to worry, I would share the wealth.