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Ultravids vs. Duovids vs. Swar. ELs

Started by dwalton, 02/21/2005 06:11AM
Posted 02/21/2005 06:11AM | Edited 02/21/2005 06:29AM Opening Post
I've got a very, very nice pair of Pentax DCF SP 10x50's.

I'm wondering how much nicer one of the three binos listed above might be (in the 8x42 range - I may move away from 10x50's into something with a wider FOV and a bit more stability).

Are the Duovids as sharp/contrasty as the Ultravids? (The 8x-12x feature might be kinda nice to have.) How do the Swarovski 8.5x42's compare to both of them? I'm interested in personal experience/opinions, and I'm mainly looking at contrast/sharpness/edges, since I'm assuming that CA and color are reasonable in all of them. I live pretty far from any kind of store where I could go and try them out, so educated opinions and anectdotal info ends up being quite useful.

PS: I did do a comparo between my Pentax DCF SPs and the Swarovskis maybe two years ago, and despite the difference in magnification/FOV I wasn't able to justify the difference in cost, even though there was improvement and lust with the Swarovskis. I might be able to swing it now. :-)

Posted 02/21/2005 06:37PM #1
I wish I could comment directly on your other choices, but alas, I can only comment on the Swarovski binoculars. I have been using a pair of 10x42 EL's and they are SUPERB!!!!! I have done side by side comparisons with many of my coworker's high quality binos and I have never seen anything as good. They especially shine when conditions are not ideal. One other thing I have noticed is that the color fidelity is just amazing with my EL's. I actually notice the color problems in other binos now, where before I only noticed the differences in sharpness and clarity. I can't recommend the Swarovskis highly enough. I guarantee you would be happy with either the 10x42 or 8x42 EL's. It just doesn't get any better. (my 2-cents worth)


PS - They are lightweight too!

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