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NGC2237 The Rosette Nebula

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Who has seen the Buckeye Nebula?

Started by bill webster, 11/23/2002 01:09PM
Posted 11/23/2002 01:09PM Opening Post
Most of you haven't seen the Buckeye Nebula

It is at a very rare 13.0 mag and is expected to dim
to 14.0 mag Jan 3rd 2003. It can be best viewed in
Tempe, Arizona. I've attached a hubble photo of the
Buckeye Nebula. Notice the eyes somewhat like the M97
the owl nebula.

Ohio State is Undefeated!
Bill Webster

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Posted 11/23/2002 01:20PM #1
WOOHOO!! LOL. That is my favorite thing to watch!
Posted 11/23/2002 05:19PM #2
I spent 10 years at OSU - undergrad and then veterinary medicine. Where was Coach Tressel then??!!! I had to suffer through Cooper most of that time.

WOO HOO! Good luck in Tempe.