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Barack Il Duche Obama?

Started by JJM, 03/30/2009 09:00AM
Posted 03/30/2009 09:00AM Opening Post
Whats with the all people apparently happy that Obama "fired" GM's CEO? Since when does the President have the authority to select officers in private companies? I'm not a conspiracy nut, but this kind of action gives me great pause.

Jim McSheehy
Posted 03/30/2009 09:23AM #1
Since the companies admitted they could not survive without billons of dollars of government money?
Posted 03/30/2009 11:21AM #2
GM should have just gone bankrupt. I think they would have if congress hadn't insisted that they didn't. I bet Ford is glad they didn't take any money.

The country sure is changing.


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Posted 03/30/2009 06:55PM #3
Lunch with the Wall Street Bankers gives me pause.....I think I'd rather throw our money at manufacturing than MBS's who invent ridiculous financial instruments.......This is starting to make me ill >sad
Posted 03/30/2009 10:06PM #4
GM should go bankrupt and restructure.
The new GM should have four divisions:
- Cadillac
- Saturn
- Chevrolet
In the U.S., I think Pontiac and Buick are redundant and no longer fit consumer sensibilities. GMC should aim towards commercial and agricultural buyers and totally focus on delivery trucks, cargo vans, etc.

The Unions should go away. But, workers should get good pay, decent benefits, and stock and profit-sharing opportunities. All GM divisions should focus on building a high quality, long lasting, rattle-free cars. The cheapest GM car should be constructed so well that people will want to trade up within the GM family. Federal bail out funds should be used to help handle the problem of pensioneers.

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