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A/As Know most about Religion!

Started by rprovin, 09/28/2010 08:40AM
Posted 09/28/2010 08:40AM | Edited 09/28/2010 10:06AM Opening Post
Interesting story in the L.A. Times (and elsewhere) this morning.,0,3225238.story


"A wise man, ... proportions his belief to the evidence."
-David Hume
Posted 09/28/2010 02:15PM #1
That's a little embarrassing, at least to me. 8O

Here's a link to the poll, or maybe it was a sample of the poll. It has 15 questions. Just for jollies, I took it and missed one.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

"I hear you're mechanically inclined. Did you ever do anything with perpetual motion?"

"Yeah, I nearly had it a couple of times."
Posted 09/28/2010 02:43PM #2
I don't know to whom these questions were posed, but as someone who hasn't cracked open a Bible in over 25 years, these were really pretty easy. 14 out of 15 for me. I missed the one on the Jewish sabbath. The rest seemed more to do with general knowledge and less to do with religion.

Posted 09/29/2010 06:37AM #3
Robert Provin said:

Interesting story in the L.A. Times (and elsewhere) this morning.,0,3225238.story


That was a stupidly simplistic "test" 15/15 w/o even thinking about it...

There is a lot more to religion than simply being able to recite some simplistic, high level "facts"...

Proof of nothing

Just as standardized testing is not proof of what Students have learned, or more importantly how capable they are of thinking and learning on their own...

A computer could have answered 15/15 on that test, but knows NOTHING of Religion.
Posted 09/29/2010 10:11AM #4
I would say that this sounds quite logical and expected when talking lay religious vs lay A/A...why lay religious have priests, pastors, rabbis, etc to lean on when needed.

As other examples...

My car mechanic knows a lot more about my car than I do.

A few jobs ago one of my employees was on work visa here in the U.S. and he knew a whole bunch more about American history than I did.

Last year another employee just got their citizenship so to celebrate we got him a cake and I had the project team take the test just for fun...all the native born citizens failed big time!