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Creationism... do we have to go through this again

Started by Herp-art, 12/02/2008 03:41PM
Posted 12/02/2008 03:41PM | Edited 12/02/2008 03:42PM Opening Post
Well, it never went away. The Creation Museum in northern KY is in the news again, this time after a botched attempt to partner with the Cincinnati Zoo in a Christmas event co-promotion. There were loud complaints to the Zoo for associating with the cretins across the river.
I am amazed at the letters, accusing the Zoo of bigotry, threatening boycotts, etc, all by offended Christians. They accuse the Zoo of "intolerance and bigotry." Is it intolerance and bigotry to reject unscientific myths in favor of real, evidence based science? Is it intolerance to reject numerologists from the math department, alchemists from the chemistry department, astrologers from the observatory?
All of this points to the sorry state of US education. We fall WAY behind other countries when it comes to test results of our students in math and science. Widespread acceptance of myths like creationism as reality in our country is an indication of our decline as a nation.
Posted 12/02/2008 08:53PM #1
What do you expect, when dummies rise to positions of power, everywhere, so long as they toe the party line, very much more easily than geniuses who won't. Iraq, the financial crisis, global warming, habitat destruction and species extinctions- the list goes on and on. Blind faith rates in there somewhere, doesn't it?

Just yesterday on a major television station there was a news story about a huge upsurge in horoscopes since the meltdown on Wall Street, as people want better advice on where to put their funds. Rather than a knowing smirk at the end of the piece, the reporters started into a little conversation, entirely seriously, about how to spot the fake psychics versus the REAL ONES! The country is in great hands....

Jess Tauber