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Total Depravity

Started by dmatulis, 09/15/2010 02:45PM
Posted 09/15/2010 02:45PM Opening Post
The bible teaches that man is totally depraved, that is apart from God, unable to do good and please him. In fact, in the days of Noah right before the flood waters came, man was described as having all (100%) of his thougths as wicked. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the returning of Jesus the Bible says. Well the depravity of man ceases to amaze me. The following story linked at the botton is about [COLOR="Red"]crushing vidoes[/COLOR]. I did not know such a thing existed. In any event, this means that there are people out there sick enough to make them and even sicker, a population of those that desire to watch. shocked

Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit on the heart of a regenerate man!

Doug Matulis
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Posted 09/16/2010 08:41PM | Edited 09/16/2010 09:03PM #1
I guess this is a compelling reason to answer "same manner victim was killed" on the current AM poll on capital punishment. This should be a capital offence, as violence of this nature eventually translates to humans. Check out fur farms and dog culling in China (and SE Asia) if you need to see how far down the rabbit hole goes in terms of human depravity. Starting to look foward to the Lord's bowls of wrath.
Posted 09/17/2010 06:35AM | Edited 09/17/2010 06:36AM #2
Isn't it amazing? Seems every day some new facet of humanity comes to light demonstrating just how awful we can be. sad It seems to me that it's rather self evident that humans are like water, always seeking the lowest depth they can go to. It's why IMO that if people are left to their own devices that nothing good will come and why we need both civil systems like governments to promote and enforce order and theistic systems like religions to promote and enforce morals and attainment of higer ideals. Also why IMO that systems like secular humanism are not a real replacement for a theistic system because they don't really answer the mail related to discrete and quantifiable moral values.