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What a sad existence..

Started by 2dogs7, 01/18/2003 04:03AM
Posted 01/18/2003 04:03AM Opening Post
I have been reading through some of the proclaimed atheists remarks, and using their logic, I have come to a sad understanding of their lives. Using the totem pole analogy, Our God is defined by our beliefs. Our beliefs are then written/proclaimed/expressed in the bible. First John, ch. 4, vr. 7&8 state: Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God and every one who loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knows not God for God is love. Conclusion: The proclaimed atheist have chosen a path/life completely void of any real love. I feel very badly for them. Or: If they believe in/or love, then, they believe in our God.
Posted 01/18/2003 07:35AM #1
With all due respect Tim, you really ought to open your eyes a little wider. Are so steeped in your own subjective "belief system" you don't realize the bible represents only one POV, and that many who have studied it have rejected it's teachings because it doesn't provide well enough for the qualites you profess to hold so dear. When it comes to love, appreciation, compassion, and honesty I would rather not be limited by that particular set of teachings. Does the bible contain useful information? Of course. Should it be considered a complete guide to man and the universe? Hardly...
Posted 01/18/2003 09:52AM #2
Wooha...looks like some of you are somewhat sensitive about your non belief. Funny! As to forcing my belief system on others, I don't remember doing that, however, If you took it that way I apologize. I was mearly using one of your own's logic to point out a trap in such. Seens logic suits you when it is conveinient...I never expected so much emotional responce from "would be philophers". As to milk & toast christians, I feel the same way you do. My self, being an engineer & scientist, and having formerly rejected church teaching (due in part to milk and toast christians) I have studied the bible along with other historical text in hebrew and greek, studied sciencitific discoveries, other religion's writings, and I have never taken any of these for face value, or on a stand-alone basis, have found many other reasions to believe. Forgive me, my intent was never to offend anyone, but, rather to use a philosophic medium to relate to you. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Tim