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You guys still...

Started by Jozeph, 04/23/2003 07:08PM
Posted 04/23/2003 07:08PM Opening Post
...haven't caught up with Off Topic Discussions yet. I don't think you're trying hard enough. ;-)
Posted 04/23/2003 07:28PM #1
Yeah Joe, but it looks like only a matter of days until they overtake Telescope Making and take hold of the #3 slot. I suspect that this "war business" accounts for Off Topics high numbers. I'm glad someone else is keeping up with this stuff. :-)

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 04/23/2003 07:45PM #2
Well, we could try, but I'd have to say that......

we wouldn't have a prayer!

(ba dum bum CHING!)

Sweet the coming on
Of grateful evening mild; then silent night
With this her solemn bird and this fair moon,
And these the gems of heaven, her starry train.
--John Milton