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Tilting at a Windmill

Started by dan kowall, 02/19/2005 07:45AM
Posted 02/19/2005 07:45AM | Edited 02/19/2005 07:47AM Opening Post
I've imaged this object, M 82, many times but have never produced an image that I'm pleased with. I keep coming back for more tries, though. I'm like a dog that keeps chasing a car. Plus some recent images posted here by Adam Block, Enrico Africa, and others have inspired me to keep tilting at this windmill.
This is my latest, though not my last, effort.
ST10 on a 12" reflector @ f/9
LRGB: 50-20-20-25 minutes

dan kowall

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dan  kowall's attachment for post 22356
Posted 02/19/2005 08:12AM #1
Hi Dan,

That really is a nice M82. Nice dark nebulae detail.


Starsearch Observatory
Lat 42N 47' 00" Long 112W 10' 47"
Elev 1752m
Posted 02/19/2005 10:14AM #2
Beautiful detailed image Jose!

"The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist." (Gustave Courbet)
Posted 02/19/2005 10:48AM #3
Wonderful job! The detail down the core is incredible.
Posted 02/19/2005 07:56PM #4
Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen.

dan kowall
Posted 02/19/2005 08:02PM #5
That's a very nice M82, Dan!