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Egg Nebula

Started by RolandC, 09/18/2004 11:33AM
Posted 09/18/2004 11:33AM Opening Post
Hi All,

This image was the result of a challenge by someone on the APUG to see if any detail could be captured in this obscure nebula (Hubble, of course did a super job on it:

So here is my attempt using my AP 10" Mak-Cass at F22. 1 hour L, 30 min each RGB. Processed in Maxim using DDP, etc. This thing is small and the outer extensions are extremely faint.

Roland Christen

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Posted 09/18/2004 11:35AM #1
Here is a closeup of it (Camera ST10XE, CFW8).

Roland Christen

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Posted 09/18/2004 08:06PM #2

WOW!! Another fantastic image. Thank you again!


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Posted 09/19/2004 06:27AM #3
Excellent shot Roland! simply amazing!
Keep'em coming!


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Posted 09/19/2004 08:26AM #4

Thanks very much for all of these wonderful planetary nebulae shots!! All of them are superb, and at an image scale where one can see much delicate detail!! I truly think they are much neglected area in astro imaging I would imagine because its pretty tough at high F/ratios.

keep em coming!!

P.S. --would you please try for IC 418 aka the rasberry later in the year, it shows beautiful colour in my large dob, pretty tough though since its so small