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Endymion - June 23

Started by vandenkj, 06/29/2005 06:40PM
Posted 06/29/2005 06:40PM Opening Post

After a long delay in getting a defective DMK 21F04 replaced I finally got out and took some more photos of the moon. This one was from June 23rd. I took it from Shalimar, Florida using a 12 inch SCT and DMK 21F04. I stacked the best 1,000 frames from a total of 4,700 using Registax.


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Posted 06/29/2005 06:44PM #1

Excellent!! Very detailed. How are you able to stack 4700 images in Registax? When I reach about 2350 images my system gives an error. I have a P4 3ghz with 2 gigs of RAM.

Paul Maxson

Paul Maxson
Moderator - CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System
Celestron C14, Mewlon 250, Orion EON120, ASI120MM, Flea3.
Posted 06/30/2005 05:05AM #2
Very nice Kirk. You have done a super job with processing. Beautiful!

Jim Phillips
Posted 06/30/2005 07:07AM #3
Hi Kirk,

Really a superb pic! I enjoyed this one a lot!
Nice to see some lunar stuff from you again!

Posted 06/30/2005 09:46AM #4
Hi Kirk,

Great! image and I really like the processing too, are you using your SCT in Alt/az mode if so do you ever have alignment problems due to image rotation when doing hires lunar imaging over about 90 seconds, this image looks like it aligned fairly well though.


Wes Higgins
Posted 06/30/2005 05:10PM #5
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the kind comments.