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Janssen, Fabricius & Piccolomini

Started by oliver_p, 03/18/2005 03:39AM
Posted 03/18/2005 03:39AM Opening Post

Hi all,

here two more results from my imaging session from the 16th. Some craters and structures aside the well-known "mainstream" formations:

18:55UT - other data and settings like the Theophilus capture.

Janssen is one of the most ancient structures on the moon and experienced many changes over the eons like the formation of the interesting rille-system. The impact crater Fabricius features nice wall structures and a monumental central mountain.


I used some mild denoising techniques because I had only 300 usable frames per image and applied some carefull resharpening after denoising. Do you also use denoising or do you prefer images without denoising ?

Clear skies & best regards,
Posted 03/18/2005 08:52AM #1
Wonderful shots Oliver, great detail & contrast!
Thank you for sharing! 8)

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
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Posted 03/19/2005 06:11AM #2
Hi Oliver,

Great! images, thanks for posting.
If I have very good seeing I will not do any noise reduction, if
the seeing is not so good then I may do a slight bit of noise

Clear And Steady Skies,

Wes Higgins