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Jupiter with TMB 8" F/9

Started by jimhp29401us, 01/17/2004 10:27AM
Posted 01/17/2004 10:27AM Opening Post
It was about 28 degrees when I finished up. here's an image of Jupiter with my TMB 8" F/9.
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Jim Phillips

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Posted 01/17/2004 11:13AM #1
Great shot Jim!
Very nice detail on the globe...

Quick question: do you recall the settings you used for the Toucam? You should be showing more color than you show now... are you setting it up as OUTDOOR? if you are, try the AUTO mode, see what you come up with...

Thanks for sharing, and keep'em coming!


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Posted 01/17/2004 01:25PM #2

Very nice!! It's interesting how that little dark spot has caught up with the GRS. The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting to see how it interacts as it passes the spot.


Paul Maxson
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Posted 01/18/2004 10:26AM #3
That shot has excellent detail Jim.

Congratulations. As far as the color goes, I usually set it to "auto" and once the color stabilizes, I set it back to manual. That seems to work for me.