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Lunar mosaic 2005.03.16.

Started by oliver_p, 03/18/2005 04:42PM
Posted 03/18/2005 04:42PM Opening Post
Hi all,

here's the last result of my latest lunar session, I couldn't resist and had to process the remaining material wink

Full resolution (347KB, 1735p x 939p) can be found here:

Captured with black&white ToUcam and C9.25XLT.
Mosaic composed of 5 patches, each patch composed by two images, each of these images is a stack of 160 rawframes.
Someday I will do a full mosaic but I'll need a maximum size tranquilisers for that wink grin

Cheers & clear skies,
Posted 03/18/2005 09:24PM #1
Oliver -

A little contrasty on my screen - but I like the rich tones in the maria. The huge mosaic is so tempting but a daunting project with a long focal length. Might be fun to divide it up and do a collaborative lunar image as a project for this forum?


Alan Friedman