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Mars on September 24

Started by awesley, 09/24/2005 04:25AM
Posted 09/24/2005 04:25AM Opening Post
Guess what - another mars image!

This one was taken this morning at 3:17am local time. Seeing conditions were pretty good, considering mars was at an altitude of about 45 degrees.


10" f/6 newtonian
5x powermate + TruTek filter wheel
Astronomik RGB filters
PGR Dragonfly Express camera
Captured using Coriander for Linux
Processed under Windows with Registax, Neat Image,
Astra Image and the GIMP.

Stacked best 1000 frames out of 3000 in each colour

regards, Anthony

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awesley's attachment for post 27024
Posted 09/24/2005 06:09AM #1
Hi Anthony,

Very detailed with good color, another question about the PGR Dragonfly Express camera if you don't mind.

Does the camera come with capture software that will work for lunar and planetary imaging ?


Wes Higgins

Posted 09/24/2005 07:07AM | Edited 09/24/2005 05:40PM #2
One last image from this session. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of how to process the data from this camera.

regards, Anthony

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awesley's attachment for post 96402
Posted 09/24/2005 07:55AM #3
Beautiful job Anthony. Very nicely done!

Jim Phillips
Posted 09/24/2005 08:01AM #4
Hi Anthony -

Very nice image and one of the few I've gotten to see from the PGR cameras. For those (handful) of Mac users out there, the very fine capture application Astro IIDC (also a product from our neighbors to the north) supports most of the Point Grey Research cameras.

Thanks for posting,

Alan Friedman
Posted 09/24/2005 01:29PM #5
That is very nice. I like your processing.