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Mars reprocessed, improved

Started by awesley, 09/25/2005 06:56AM
Posted 09/25/2005 06:56AM | Edited 09/25/2005 06:58AM Opening Post
Trying different processing steps to minimise the "hard edge" that seems to appear around the sunlit side of Mars.

Seems like it's a real phenomenon, maybe dust or refraction in the martian atmosphere, but many processing steps really enhance it too far.

I'm now experimenting with a modified processing sequence consisting of mostly filtering + smoothing and leaving out the Lucy-Richardson deconvolution that I found so effective on Jupiter.

Another trick I'm trying is to set the high numbered wavelets in registax to -1 or lower. This has the effect of subtracting detail that is large in scale and has a distinct edge - on Mars this is mostly the bright edge.

Here's the red-light image. The bright edge is much reduced.

This is a stack of 2000 frames taken at a focal length of 10,000mm through a PGR Dragonfly Express camera. Expsures for each frame were around 20ms.

The scope is a 10" f/6 newtonian.

regards, Anthony

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Posted 09/25/2005 08:13AM #1
Hi Anthony,

I'm having an extremely hard time with the brightened limb also. It looks like your steps to minimize it are working nicely, great work!

Ed Roach
Posted 09/25/2005 08:37AM #2
Here's the final colour image. The brightened limb is much reduced compared to my earlier images.

regards, Anthony

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