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My 10" TMB/APM F/9 apo

Started by jimhp29401us, 11/03/2003 02:52PM
Posted 11/03/2003 02:52PM Opening Post
I'm attaching a pic of me and my 10" apo below. The OTA was designed and made by Mathias Wirth as a custom project for Markus Ludes. Flats from Berlinerglas. TMB/APM 10" F/9 triplet designed by TMB produced by Lzos. AP 1200 QMD mount. The pic is from last Friday evening (Halloween). I have just made it to the Farm and only gotten my tie off. I was hoping for good seeing so I could make another attempt at imaging Saturn. Seeing turned out to be very good.

Jim Phillips

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Posted 11/03/2003 03:37PM #1
Well Jim, that sure is one hell of a scope, it's a beauty, and it's BIG!! Can't go wrong with the mount either. It would be my choice also...Congratulations!
I hope we will get to see more of those pretty planet-pics too by the way. How does it perform visually? Quite some detail I guess...
Posted 11/03/2003 03:53PM #2
Hi Jim,

That is one impressive scope and mount too!
The OTA dose not look to be at least 90" long
(F/9) is it a folded optic or other special
design ?
Thanks for posting the image , I'm still
drooling smile


Posted 11/04/2003 10:23AM #3
Jim -

Thanks for posting the picture. I'm guessing this is the scope that Markus brought over to the Winter Star Party earlier this year? 10 inches unobstructed is pretty special.

Hope you enjoy many nights of good seeing with it!


Alan Friedman
Posted 11/04/2003 11:17PM #4
That is not a telescope, that is a anti-aircraft laser! You can't fool me. ;^) Do you have a license for opperating a laser of that size? :^0

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