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NGC6905 Blue Flash Planetary

Started by RolandC, 09/14/2004 07:37AM
Posted 09/14/2004 07:37AM | Edited 09/14/2004 07:39AM Opening Post
This little gem was named the Blue Flash by John Mallas. Although it appeared exceedingly faint in my individual exposures, it can be seen easily with a 4" refractor in pristine dark skies. The severe light pollution at my observatory prevented me from capturing the outer extensions in any detail. Some day I would love to record this one at a real dark sky site.

10" AP Mak @ F22. ST10XE camera with color filter wheel. Total exposure 1 hour Luminance 1x1 binned, 20 minutes RGB 2x2 binned. Image is 1/2 size from original.

Roland christen

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Posted 09/14/2004 08:04AM #1
COOL. Both picture and nebula.

Solar Imaging Website
Posted 09/14/2004 10:44AM #2
Roland -

Your planetary images are excellent - a great subject for the 10" mak.
More please!

Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman
Posted 09/14/2004 12:06PM | Edited 09/14/2004 12:10PM #3

I think you live in Ohio, if so I would sugggest Cherry Springs State Park in Potter county Pa as a dark sky site to get some astrophotos that we all would never forget. Just don't tell anyone who you are when you are there, you will be swamped with questions if you do.

throughout the year on any new moon weekend about 20 or 30 amateurs are there with there scopes. I just came back from the Black Forest Star Party held there and the skies are pristine ( mag 6.5 at the zenith or better ). The PA Dept of Nautral Resoreces considers the dark skies there as just as improtant as the wild life, air and water and protect it.. only red lights, dim ones at that, are allowed in the park unless it is completely clouded over.

clear skies,

Larry Citro
Posted 09/14/2004 12:32PM #4


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