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Which one do you prefer?

Started by weileong, 02/18/2003 05:09AM
Posted 02/18/2003 05:09AM Opening Post
I've post two same images but with different processing, which one do you prefer?

Attached Image:

weileong's attachment for post 3892
Posted 02/18/2003 07:04AM #1
Nice pics Tan!

Well, hard to say.... the one to the right seems more "natural", but the one on the left has more detail, thanks to the "sharpen" effect...

Both are nice if you ask me, but if I want to catch every little detail there is, I would probably say the leftmost one... (for "beauty" I would probably choose the rightmost one)

Thanks for sharing!


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Posted 02/18/2003 03:32PM #2
Both images are outstanding. The colors in the one on the left seem crisper, less washed out. I vote for the one on the left. Way cool!

Posted 02/18/2003 04:57PM #3
Hi Tan,

Both image are fantastic.

From reading the replies it looks like I am
in the minority but I prefer the one on the left.
The one on the right (on my 19" CRT) looks just
slightly washed out compared to the right one
and the edge looks a little to hard .
The right one has more contrast and shows more
details with out being to noisy or looking
un real.
This is all just my opinion and others may differ .


Wes Higgins